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Are you tired of your usual console’s games? Are you looking for a breeze of fresh air to bless your console with? That is not a problem at all, because you have found yourself in the right place! We are professionals, who know all the best games that will greatly challenge your gamer’s mind at all time! We have ranked for you our ultimate most favorite console’s games! Indeed, they are very recent, but they are totally worth the try! We will attach a little description of the game to our list, as well as the consoles that the game is compatible with, as well as the in-store price for the games. You will have all the information in hand in order to familiarize yourself with the different games that are driving all the gamers crazy! We have decided to go from the best to our least favorite in order for you to have a quick overview of what it is to expect from the console gaming scene!

#1 FIFA 2016

Now if we tell you this is the most realistic FIFA game ever, you will probably think to yourself that it is what everyone says until the next one comes along! Well, in this case it is different! Oh really, and how come? Well, you will feel the difference as soon as the welcoming screen comes on and you will know exactly what we are talking about! If you like sports and especially football, let us tell you that FIFA 2016 is the best footie console game there is out there at the moment! It will cost you $40 to acquire it in stores!

#2 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Remember the last Assassin’s Creed chapter? Yeah, not that impressive at all and a lot of gamers have actually lost interest in the game series. Therefore Ubisoft had some serious grounds to cover to make up for its last flop! Well, Ubisoft did an outstanding job on this new game that is the best one we have had in years! To uncover the magic, you will have to pay $41.99 to get it!

#3 Batman Arkham Knight

Ready for the best Batman game ever made? The realistic graphics will literally blow your mind to the point where you ask yourself how far can the gaming industry go! Way better than Origins and less restricted than Asylum, you will get all the focus that was lacking in City for $40!

#4 Fallout 4

Welcome to the most apocalyptic décor ever for a console game! Fallout 4 is THE sensation, and many gamers rank it as their most favorite! If you are looking for a better, bigger and more brutal wasteland to start smashing machines on, then the $38 you will spend on this game will be the best way to invest your money!

#5 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is the 2015 best console’s game! Then why do we put it in the fifth place right? Well, because in our judgment others bring way more entertainment than this one. This game is brilliantly executed don’t get us wrong! For $32, you will play on one of the best RPG’s ever made!

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