All the best gaming TV shows

We have to admit that we went a little bit old school on this section of our online gaming guide! However, it is in the oldest cookbooks that we find the best recipes, and here it is all about the best recipes to become a better gamer! Therefore, we welcome you to our list of the top 5 TV shows ever made for gaming! It is not about boring TV channels, but actual TV shows that will transport you into a whole new dimension. You will follow the different adventures with great attention no matter how old the show is. Also, you will see that your journey into the TV show gaming world will help you get better reflexes during your gaming time! Believe it or not, you will be giving your brain a little pause for it to become way more efficient and entertained! Let’s go for our list of the top 5 ultimate best gaming TV shows!

#1 Captain N: The Game Master

Ready to travel in the Nintendo world? This is exactly where Simon Belmont, Mega Man, Pit and Link are waiting for you! You will get the full experience of the very first gaming TV shows, a little bit messy and full of known video game characters for a half-hour! You will have a cartoon version of your favorite video games characters all in one! So be ready to fight against Mother Brain, Doctor Wily or King Hippo just to mention a few!

#2 Super Mario Bros: Super Show

Let’s go back to the 80s dear gamers! This TV show is the epitomy of the early gaming times! This is a hilarious live-action series of adventures with Super Mario Bros in the for-front. This is the first time gamers heard the infamous line “Well, excuuuuse me, Princess!” and the rest get more hilarious as you go through the show’s episodes. This is by far the gaming TV show that has changed the game forever!

#3 Video Power

This TV show baptized Video Power is the very first TV show that was giving out winning and gaming tips! After a while it has evolved and started involving actual players. The gamers would play against each other for thirty minutes of pure fun! Now you can find the equivalent in YouTube videos. However, you must watch at least an episode of this show to understand the power it has had on several gamers’ generations!

#4 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Remember Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon? Well, did you know that it aired in 1993 and that it was a big hit back in the days! It was way before Sega put its hands on it to turn it into the most famous Sonic game ever! This is a must watch is you are wondering how the earliest gamers’ generations had it!

#5 Pokémon

Now back to the present or at least the 2000s! Pokémon is the one TV show that seriously has launched gaming, and took it to a whole other level! Everybody you will talk to today knows about, or has heard of Pokémon! It is a classic, and we have all played with the cards and the little Poke-balls at school! Trust us that once you go back to it and start watching the show from the start your heart will melt!

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