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Would you like to expand your knowledge of gaming movies? Let us provide you with a list of rather unusual gaming movies that will blow your mind! Forget about all those casino movies that capture nothing like what it is with an online casino, because here we are onto serious business! If you have not seen these movies yet, let us tell you that these are the ultimate must-see movies for gamers! From recent to less recent movies you will have a lot of different options laid out for you to watch! All these movies have one thing in common, except from being all fantastic, and it is the ‘wow’ aspect to it that will challenge the way you go about gaming in general! You will not be disappointed, and if one of these movies has caught your attention, know that we do not do spoilers here and that you will need to browse for the trailer directly onto Youtube!

#1 The Wizard

Join Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, Jenny Lewis and Vince Trankina in their crazy adventure! This is the most classic gamer’s movie of all time! You will follow the adventure of two brothers that will runaway from home and make their way throughout the country in the company of a girl! Their goal? Make it to the video game championship! Will they win it? What is all the fuss about during that specific video game championship? Trailer, guys!

#2 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

It was literally impossible for us not to include this movie into our list of the best gamer’s movies! Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the best of its kind! You will join an ex-mercenary that has been sent to isolation because he tried to defend the city kids from brainwashing disease! Will he manage to find the man at the origin of the disease and the chaos that reigns in the city? Check out the movie’s trailer in order to make your own opinion on the matter!

#3 Indie Game: The Movie

Okay, we know exactly what you are going to say! This is not a movie it is a documentary. Fair enough, although you may find your way through that project of yours to launch a video game thanks to this documentary! This highly rated documentary will help you discover the difficult journey of independent game developers. The documentary will take you backstage. You will get to know how the gaming industry works and everything that a game has to go through in order to be released! It's a favourite of our colleagues over at, so check their work out.

#4 Chasing Ghosts: Beyond The Arcade

Another documentary that came out in 2007! It is Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade! You will be surrounded by big names in the industry such as Ronald Bailey, Sam Blackburn, Leo Daniels and Walter Day! They will make a huge jump in the past to revisit their success and philosophies as 1982’s Video Game World Champions! Yes, groupies will also be talked about in this documentary!

#5 Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters

A lot of gamers had mixed feeling about the release of this documentary in 2011, however, it is still a must see if you are a gamer! Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters deals with the biggest world record at the infamous Tetris game! You will have a glimpse at how the players prepare to shine throughout the most famous Tetris Championship!

View the trailer for the Ecstasy of Order.

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