Our Online Cinema Guide

Are you looking for a good movie to relax to in between two games? We have exactly what you need on our online cinema guide! From movies to TV shows, we will provide you with the best! Who knows, you might find some tips by watching gaming movies or TV shows to make sure you beat your enemy in the game of the dealer at a roulette table! Our moviegoer are here to present you with the most amazing movies and TV shows that will appeal to every gamer! Forget about love stories and drama, here it is all about gaming and action! Why not some sprinkles of sci-fi to uplift everything else! We will empty the stage to welcome John and Rachel, who are each specialized in gamers’ entertainment outside of gaming! You will benefit from a list of movies and TV shows that you will be able to find online to enjoy with your friends and family! Also, if you are unsure, our experts advise you to check out the trailers of each movie or TV show directly on YouTube!

All the best gaming movies

We all know that when you hear gaming movies, you automatically think of Ocean’s eleven! Evidently, casino games and casino settings make for the best movie plots, don’t they? Well, in this case, John did not want to restrict himself to casino movies only. Indeed, he went a step further and decided to look for gaming movies involving consoles’ games and many other of that nature! You will therefore find an extensive list of various gaming options! If you enjoy casino movies, you will find everything you need, from an extensive description to a list of all the actors involved in the movie. On the other one hand, if you prefer to explore other gaming movies, you will also be able to find everything that you need and that would appeal to a gamer directly on John’s top 5! However, let us tell you that John is a magician and that he will keep you on your toes from A to Z, by avoiding spoilers!

All the best gaming TV shows

Say hello to Rachel, who is renowned for binge-watching almost everything and anything! She knows Netflix like the back of her hand. Therefore, best believe that she knows exactly what will interest you as a gamer! Rachel is probably the biggest gamer we have in our group! She takes breaks in between games to watch some good proper gamers’ TV shows to get her inspiration going! She likes to say that it helps her get to the next level all the time! Well, today she will be giving you all her good tips! You will have a list of her top 5 TV shows for gamers only! You will see that the themes are very different, however, they will all appeal to your gamer self! You will benefit from a short description of the TV show, as well as a spotlight on Rachel’s favorite scene in the TV show!

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