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Are you looking for an online gaming guide you can trust? Would you like to find a wide range of online games you could play on to earn some money? Or are you a movie fanatic, like our friend Liana, and you would like to get some movie ideas for your Sunday afternoons? We will answer all your wishes here! We have joined forces with the Internet to bring you the best of what you will be able to find online in terms of entertainment! We will introduce you the online gaming industry. You will be able to know about all the best online casino gaming options there are, as well as console games! You will also have a list of all the best movies and TV shows that are gaming related.

Now, you may wonder what is separating us from the rest of the online gaming guides, don’t you? Well, it is fairly simple, and it is the fact that we rate every game and every movie or TV show we will present you! It will make your task of finding the golden game or movie that much easier ! Now, let us tell you more about us, before we get into of what you are on the verge of discovering on our iGaming platform.

About us

We are going to grab the opportunity to welcome you on board! We are four friends who decided to generously extend all their knowledge of the online gaming and cinema entertainment for free. What is knowledge if you do not share it, right? Well, this is our mission, and we would like to make you a good consumer of online entertainment. Each one of us is specialized in the four different sections you will find on our website! You will have Richard, who is in charge of on line casino games, and Julie who will guide you through consoles’ games. John is our gaming movies expert; along with Rachel who is a TV show fanatic and who will keep you aware of all the gaming related TV shows that pop up everywhere! Our website is 100% free, and all our information are made to make you enjoy the best and only the best when it comes down to online gaming! We hope that you enjoy our company, and keep on reading to know what we have in store for you on our platform!

Our online gaming guide

Let’s make some room for our online gaming guide! Again, let us reiterate the fact that we are a 100% free online guide! Therefore, we will not be asking for any sort of money to uncover our most valuable pieces of information. In this here section the spotlight will be put on the iGaming industry. You will first discover all the best online casino sites, as well as the best online casino games. Furthermore, we will go back to the basic and introduce you to the latest and best consoles’ games! We have told you that our little plus was that we rated our products in order to make it easier for you to decide on a game you wish to play on! You will get all the best tips from Richard and Julie, who have acquired years of experience by being renowned players themselves!

Online Casino Games

Although Richard was a big online poker star, he has also had quite a lot of experience on all the other casino games that you will be able to find online! Therefore, he has decided to guide you through the best online casino sites first, like onlineuscasino.net for example. You will have an overview of the bonuses and other promotional offers you could benefit from. Also, you will have access to a rating of the best online casino games, and a little description of the games themselves. Richard always mentions the importance of software, and you will be surprised to uncover the importance of those for online casino games.

Consoles’ games

Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii, you name it she has played on it! Julie is our consoles’ games expert, and she will introduce you to her world through her section. It is all about the most amazing and entertaining consoles’ games! You will be able to get a great consoles’ games list in order to take your console gaming to other highs. Julie will give her professional opinion on the various games, and will rate it for you! She also made sure to offer a wide range of games’ themes and winning options to please all the gamers!

Our online cinema guide

Who does not like a good movie or a good TV show to binge watch every now and then? Well, instead of looking everywhere for that new movie, or for a TV show that your gamer’s tendencies will appreciate, stay with us! John and Rachel are waiting for you guys to introduce you to a plethora of movies and TV shows for gamers only! Whether it is casino games or simply geeky movies and TV shows, you will find all of the best in their long list of rated items! You will also be able to find the different movies and TV shows’ trailers online to double check on our specialists’ tastes!

All the best gaming movies

John would like to warn you that he will be going back in time in his section! According to him, some of the best gaming movies came about decades ago! You will be able to find a movie for every occasion, whether you want to watch it with friends, or family! You will have a sort of Imdb list, with all the best movies, a short description and a grade! You will have a better understanding of what the movie is about, through a list of actors that made it a success! If y ou want to find the best movies talking about online casin, you can check the website thecasinocity.co.za.

All the best gaming TV shows

Binge watching TV shows, or the infamous ‘Netflix and Chill’, is the new fashion. Therefore, we would not want you to miss out on this new trend! Rachel is a TV show addict, and she knows absolutely everything about the latest TV show that will keep the gamers entertained for hours. You will have her take on the TV shows, and she made sure to offer you a wide range of options for you to choose from, so that you expand your horizons! You will be surprised to find out about all the gaming TV shows out there!